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In August 2015 The Rebels released a new EP entitled, “Move On,” the first full-band studio recording with the original core members. This most recent release has Jered Shaw, David Koenig, and Susan Renee-Thiede reworking four of their classic songs and adding a new baby to the bunch, “Slow On You.” Opening with a riff stolen straight from Rich Robinson’s guitar case, this new track melds the salty-drawl of Shaw’s voice and the sweet glow of Renee-Thiede into a heaving love ballad.

Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and that includes the development of this EP. The recording experience turned gruesome following a hard drive crash and most of the recordings lost. But with patience, positive attitudes and the benefit of producer/engineer John Swamy, the trio picked up the pieces and turned a little extra studio time into the polished “Move On” EP.

The EP’s title track profiles the energy of the band through bruising harmonica, potent vocals and a passionate groove, one that provides both the stamina and ideal rhythm for chopping the nights firewood. Rounding out the EP are “Sweetheart Dance”, “Down and Dirty Blues” and "Sweet Salvation." The swampy, harp-laden blues of “Sweetheart Dance” outlines a stormy relationship that erupts into a passionate exchange of hostility between vocalists Shaw and Renee-Thiede. With the gas pedal on the floor, "Down & Dirty Blues" is a rousing acoustic based rocker that accents Shaw’s vocal grit and spotlights Koenig’s rhythmic leads. Then there's the opening track,"Sweet Salvation." The soulful country ballad sets the scene on a moonlit front porch for lead female vocalist Susan Renee-Thiede to proclaim, "If it don't matter in the morning, then it don't really matter at all."


released August 21, 2015

All songs written by Green Mountain Rebels

Produced/Engineered/Mastered by John Swamy

Eric Swanson: drums on "Down and Dirty Blues", "Sweetheart Dance" and "Move On"

Brad Reuber: drums on "Sweet Salvation" and "Slow on You"

Craig Pierson: piano on "Sweetheart Dance"

John Swamy: bass on all tracks, piano on "Down and Dirty Blues" & "Sweet Salvation", organ on "Move On" & "Slow on You", acoustic rhythm guitar on "Sweet Salvation" & "Slow on You", electric lead guitar on "Move On".



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Green Mountain Rebels Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Sweet Salvation
Sweet Salvation

AM Radio
Playing on my porch step
Me I got the rocken chair blues
It's a lonesome old country song
that fades in
and I'll harmonize till
the moon shines through

Cause if it don't matter in the morning
Then it don't matter when its gone

And I got a sweet sweet salvation
to know that I aint no lost child
I got a sweet sweet salvation
to know I ain't your idea

Now the sun
is a setting low
and I hear the thunder rolling in
They say rain will change your
but I'll keep my brim
pointed low

Cause if it don't matter in the morning....
And I got a sweet sweet salvation....
Track Name: Slow On You
Slow on you

Snap my fingers
Cross my toes
Where I end up
Ain't nobody knows
Dance on me
Baby then you'll See
I'm your very last heartbeat

Baby Take it Slow

Cause a deaf man don't hear no doors
When you walk past
keep your shadow low
hand in hand
enjoy my jam
cause when I get locked in
Then your feeling it

Ohh baby take it slow

Slow when your hugging and kissing on me
Slow when you beg for something sweet
Slow me down when you feel my heat
Slow on you getting slow on me

Now I've been just scratching my head
Why nobody goes a jumping in my bed
I feel like Ive reached that sitting limit
Dig on me baby
Till you feel it

Baby take it slow
Track Name: Sweetheart Dance
Sweetheart Dance

Got me a pretty woman
Slide around tenderly
Gives me my meat in the morning
But leaves ice cubes on my seat

Got me a strong man
He stands six foot two
He is the other side of the quarter though
He never tells me what to do

And I’ll never understand
That Sweetheart Dance,

Now loving you, it ain’t an easy road
Your rude to my sisters in your worn out coat
Now a good man, he would take me out
Show me what being a woman is all about

Now please baby, baby please
You ain’t got to treat me like a servant on his knees
I have loved some woman, but I loved you right
But woman how am I supposed to love you
When your never home at night

And I’ll never understand that Sweetheart Dance

Now listen Baby I will tell you what you need
No you listen boy, I ain’t your broken cup of tea
But I stand tall
But your shoes is so small
Baby I am your man, Don’t you see
Yes sugar and that’s why you will never lays your hands on me
Track Name: Down & Dirty Blues
Down and Dirty Blues

One pillow and a blanket please
gotta get myself out of New Orleans
cold winds got me settled down
but I'm never going to make it out of this old town
Meet a blues man on the corner tonight
said he'd sell me something to make me feel alright
So I bit and he chewed
and now were running down the street with them
dogs on our shoes

Don't get down and dirty
Down and dirty blues

Broken bus on a backseat stuff
You know hell ain't never been enough for me
Always riding that hardest road
Carrying off such a heavy load
Now backdown miss blue jean girl
You never want to get yourself stuck into this world
Find yourself an honest man
Build you up a house just as quick as he can

Don't get down and dirty
Down and dirty blues

Sixty dollar passage on the 203
take you into the night quick and safely
Then your gone and you hold on
pray the lights don't ever come unstrung
For while a soldier is quick to die
a rambling man never bothers to try
Said while a soldier is quick to die
a rambling man never bothers to try
Cause it's a quick joke
a light for your smoke
then its down the next hole

Oh Down Down
The sun ain't never going to come around
Track Name: Move On
Move On

Pretty Country Store
Pretty Little Girl
Standing in the aisle
With a juke box glare
Got a hand on the oven
One on the tree
I'd take her back
If She wasn't waiting for me

Move on

Head to the car
Smile as I glare
At that sun
With his hangover stare
Out picking trash
In a cornfield blaze
Id be heading north
If she wasn't waiting for me

Move on...

Oh Lord the things that I'd do
If I didn't have me nothing to lose

Paycheck comes just once a week
Provides me enough
Just to eat
Myself back into the log
Life's a spin when she gone

Move on

Lord the things I'd do
If I didn't have me nothing to lose

Move On